What are the advantages of studying an MBBS in Bangladesh?

What are the advantages of studying an MBBS in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is an unexplored study location that offers many advantages. So when we talk about pursuing an MBBS, the following things come to mind

  • Language

The major concern of many international students is the language of the course in the selected foreign country. But you don’t have to worry as in Bangladesh, you’ll feel right at home. The medium of instruction in most universities is English which is a huge sigh of relief for Indian students.

  • Cost

Pursuing an MBBS in Bangladesh is cheaper than most of the study abroad destinations due to low medical fee and reduced expenses.

  • Currency

One of the major perks of studying in Bangladesh is the fact that the value of the currency is depreciated which will allow you to maintain your budget while roaming around the country seeing in its culture, food and beautiful location.


  • Food

The food in Bangladesh has a similar palate when compared to Indian Cuisine. Also, you can find an Indian restaurant very easily in the country.

  • Traveling Cost

Being a neighboring country, the cost of traveling to Bangladesh is very low. It will cost you anything between 5000 to 10,000 to buy a plane ticket to Dhaka. Alternatively, you can also travel by train which plies between Kolkata and Dhaka.

  • Recognition

Medical study in East Pakistan is the best choice for South East Asian counterparts for its recognition. It has good recognition of it throughout the world. So for the recognition and reputation of MBBS, it has, it would be best if one does MBBS in Bangladesh.

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