MBBS in Bangladesh-Anwer Khan Modern Medical College

MBBS in Bangladesh-Anwer Khan Modern Medical College

Reaching health care to every citizen is a millennium development goal and Bangladesh has achieved a great success in this. The present government has developed the healthcare system from union Parishad to Upazilla, District, Divisional level through community health clinic, Upazilla health complex, District & Divisional Hospital and Medical College Hospital both government & private. Doctors and supporting health care professional like nurse, Paramedics, auxiliary staff, Technologists are the backbone of the health care delivery system. At present the doctor population ratio in Bangladesh is only 1:3125.

Till now the available seats in medical colleges, public & private sector together is far short of meeting the requirement of the country. In our country a large number of students are willing to take part in the health care system, which is evidenced by the large number of applicants for admission tests in medical colleges. Unfortunately most of the eligible candidates are deprived from the opportunity of getting admitted in the medical colleges of Bangladesh due to lack of enough seats: This results in


  • 1. Career planning of the eligible candidates, whose desires and dreams were quite appropriate and invaluable to the needs of the country.
  • 2. Migration of thousands of students for studies abroad, mainly in the neighboring countries resulting in constant drain of national economy for supporting studies.
  • 3. Social strains in the families concerned.
  • 4. Long term deleterious consequences on national health care delivery.
  • 5. Dependence on other countries for education and health care delivery. The overall impact overshadows out image and dignity as an independent nation.

anwer khan modern medical college


  • Foreign

    The cost of medical education is higher in developed and developing countries in comparison to Bangladesh. Ministry of health has sanctioned 50% of total seat for admission of foreign students in private Medical College with the existing facilities we can admit foreign students who can avail quality medical education at an economical competitive price.

    The Campus

    A beautiful arranged modern campus with well-equipped academic and hospital buildings is the beauty of the area. It is situated at Road 8, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1205, at the heart of the capital market. The first building (F) consists of Principal office, college secretary and administration block 1 lecture room for 200 students with multimedia presentation facilities. Also a modern library with 5000 recent medical text books on different disciplines and internet facilities, computer room were available for students and academic staff of the college. Adjacent to college building. block A,B,C,D are no used as hospitals with general beds, cabin. AKMMC main hospital building accommodates cabins, general wards, consultant chambers, operation theater, ICU, reception, modern diagnostic lab and hospital office. 2 lecture room one large with 300 seat capacity and one small with full air conditioned, multimedia presentation facilities, are located in 5th& 6th floor of Block A. Fully air conditioned, modern, well decorated and equipped floor space measuring 20,500 square feet at 4th& 5th floor of capital market is accommodating departments of Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine, Microbiology, Community Medicine with tutorial and practical classes, museum and sitting arrangement of all academic staff of the departments mentioned. 1 lecture room with central air-conditioning, multimedia presentation and accommodations of 150 students is located in 5th floor of capital market Fulltime OPD facilities covering all disciplines Medicine, Surgery Pediatrics, Gyane & Obstetrics: Skin VD, ENT Eye, Psychiatry, Orthopedics and Oncology ate available at OPD located in 2nd& 3rd floor of first main building (A) of the college. Anwer Khan Modern Nursing college is a unit under AKMMC is located in 3rd floor of ARA plaza just opposite to our main building A covering 4000 sft accommodating 3 class room, 5 lecture room, 3 faculty room, 10 office assistant, 1 MLSS. Total no of students admitted up to this session is 120 (Diploma 83,33 BSc Nursing, Post basic Nursing 14.)

    Available Facilities


    • Five lecture halls with state of the art audiovisual facilities.
    • Adequate spacious class rooms for all the departments.
    • Laboratories for different departments.
    • Central computerized library with the internet facility
    • Office space for college administration and management.
    • All facilities mentioned above are fully air-conditioned.
    • Prayer facilities for the students & staff.
    • Cafeteria facilities for the students & staff.


    Proposed facilities


    • Auditorium.
    • Healthcare facilities with gymnasium.
    • Own hall or residence for students.
    • Other facilities as would be necessary.
    • Own transport facility.


    Course offered and Affiliation

    Anwer Khan Modern Medical College offers 5 years MBBS course approved by BM & DC leading to MBBS degree under the University of Dhaka. The college has been permitted to operate by the Ministry of Health & Family welfare, Govt. of the peoples of Republic of Bangladesh and affiliated with the University of Dhaka.


    The four well furnished basic departments of Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry along with well equipped dissection hall and supporting experimental laboratories have already been utilized by the present batches of students.

    The departments required in the second phase, such as Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Community Medicine and forensic medicine along with their supporting class rooms and laboratories are situated in the 5th floor of adjacent capital market. These departments have adequate space with well decorated and well equipped teaching facilities. Like spacious tutorial, well equipped practical room for all departments.

    The clinical departments such as medicine, Surgery, Gynae & Obst, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, ENT, Cardiology, Oncology, Orthopedic Surgery, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Anesthesia etc are situated in the hospital building. These include spacious wards, cabins and other required teaching facilities.



    The college library is spacious, well furnished with comfortable sitting arrangement, located in the academic building. It has a good collection of medical textbooks, reference, monographs, and journals in various subjects which can provide up to date information to the students and teachers. The library is also equipped with computers. It has user-friendly access system, the library is provided with separate reading area for students as well as teachers. It remains open from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm in all working days. The library remains closed on Fridays and national holidays. It has access to all medical related websites like HINARI, pubmed, Wikipedia and other online and also Wifi coverage.


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