Is MBBS in Bangladesh a good option?

Is MBBS in Bangladesh a good option?

No Doubt, the standard and quality of medical study in Bangladesh in much better than so called developed countries like China, Russia, Philippines, Ukraine – in those countries you cannot find clinical base medical study where as in India or in Bangladesh more emphasis on clinical base.

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  • We, will discuss here about medical study pattern in Bangladesh which is very similar to India. The MBBS course in Bangladesh comprises five years, followed by compulsory rotatory internship of one year which can be opt in own country. The course follows semester system, each semester consisting of six months. The MBBS course is divided in to three phases, viz., Pre-Clinical, Para-Clinical and Clinical Phase. MBBS in Bangladesh same study pattern like INDIA. M.C.I Approved Medical Colleges in Bangladesh.

    Benefits of MBBS from Bangladesh:

    • The MBBS degree from a Bangladesh Medical University is recognized by WHO and UNESCO and is accepted globally.
    • No entrance test is required for admission which makes the admission process much easier.
    • No donation is required to get admission in a Bangladesh medical college.
    • Students studying in medical colleges in Bangladesh are given opportunity to get an internship in some of the best multinational companies and hospitals of the world.
    • Students are provided with the practicals and experiments to improve their skills in a better way.
    • The quality of infrastructure, education and accommodation is comparable to other developed countries.
    • The hospitals are well equipped with great infrastructure and technology.
    • Low travelling cost: Most people prefer to study MBBS from Bangladesh as travelling is very easy. Daily flights and trains are available from India to Bangladesh and vice versa. Travelling cost is extremely low.


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