Is MBBS in Egypt Good Choice For Indian Students?

MBBS in Egypt is a great opportunity for Indian students. Egypt is the cradle of ancient education. Historical Egyptians are hardworking and knowledgeable. This applicable to modern times too. The many Medical University of Egypt has global ranks above the top 10 medical colleges of India. Scholarship opportunities are available for any students above 75% in PCB.

MBBS in Egypt is budget-friendly too. The fees come to around 36000 USD including registration and processing. Hostel and food approx 150 USD per month.

Top 5 reasons to choose Egypt as the destination.

  1. Its 5 year program and then a 1-year internship in India to get permanent registration
  2. No dummy bodies for MBBS in Egypt practical classes on real bodies only
  3. No racism and foreigners study the same syllabus as local students.
  4. Disease pattern, climatic conditions, and food habits of Egypt are similar to India.
  5. USMLE and plan clearance of students of MBBS in Egypt are among the top 10 countries in the world


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