Study MBBS in Nepal

Study MBBS in Nepal

A sprouting opportunity for Indian students wanting to pursue medicine, MBBS in Nepal is the best option to study abroad after India. For years, students from foreign quotas are speculated to have greater career prospects due to Nepal’s vast medical infrastructure & easy admission process. Nepal is a neighboring country to India and the receptive relationship adds benefit to students applying for MBBS in Nepal.

Most of the reputed colleges in Nepal have a major number of faculty from India and are listed under National Medical Commission (NMC), and other medical councils such as MCI & WHO. The students passing MBBS from Nepal from these colleges are also eligible to take license coaching in Nepal, for exams like NEXT & USMLE.

Standing proudly in the laps of the Himalayas, Nepal is one of the developing nations in the world. It is a nation close to India with accessible transportation, climate suitability, affordable accommodation, and great career incentives. So, if you want to study abroad yet near India, studying MBBS in Nepal is ideal for Indian students.

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MBBS in Nepal-Quick Facts

Intake September
Minimum Percentage Required 50% in PCB
NEET Requirement Yes With Qualifying Marks
Entrance Exam Yes
Total Fees 47 - 67 Lacs
Duration 6 Years
Medium of Instruction English
Recognition NMC and WHO Approved

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Nepal Colleges

  • Easy Admission & Documentation: As per the National Medical Commission (NMC) instruction for foreign candidates, the admission process is simple and straightforward. If a candidate properly follows the steps instructed, he/she won’t face any problem getting MBBS Admission in Nepal.
  • No Visa Required: This is one great factor for Indian students opting for MBBS Course in Nepal, they don’t require a visa! Any form of legitimate I.D proof will be enough. However, other international students will be needing to carry a Visa with them.
  • No Language Barrier: Unlike other countries, Nepal doesn’t demand a proficiency test. English or Nepalese, students can study without any pressure.
  • Great Hospitality: In Nepal has a great hospitality treatment towards international students. Indian students applying there will get hostels with modern lifestyles and time-to-time food availability. Rooms are separated for girls and boys, and they can choose to share rooms or stay alone as per their budget.

Career Opportunities After Completing MBBS in Nepal

Career Opportunities After Completing MBBS in Nepal

  • A valid thought for the students studying Medical in Nepal. After the completion of the Bachelor’s degree in medicine, students can immediately start clinical practice in India with FMGE qualification.

  • Students can also choose to continue their MBBS Course with a Post Graduation course from India or countries like the USA, UK, Egypt, Malaysia, or Russia

Career Opportunities After Completing MBBS in Nepal

MBBS in Nepal- Eligibility Criteria For Indian Students

Indian students wanting to pursue Medical Course in Nepal, below are the allotted criteria needed to be followed:

  • The age of the student must be above 17 years to study MBBS in Nepal.
  • The student is required to clear the 12th standard board exam.
  • Aggregated marks of 50% required in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in 12th grade to apply for MBBS in Nepal.
  • NEET clearance with qualifying marks.
MBBS in Nepal- Eligibility Criteria For Indian Students

Disclaimer: All the students applying for the MBBS Course in Nepal should know that the Medical Education Commission of the Nepal Government conducts entrance exams for foreign candidates. The first preference goes to the students who appeared in the entrance exam, then the rest of the seats are given based on NEET scores.

MBBS in Nepal- Admission Process For Indian Students

The full admission procedure for getting MBBS Admission in Nepal :

  • Online submission of the students’ MBBS in Nepal admission form
  • Official invitation to appear in the entrance exam
  • Candidate selection as per merit for MBBS in Nepal
  • Sending acceptance or invitation letter to the selected candidate
  • Submission of first year’s tuition fees for MBBS in Nepal
  • The final step incorporates interviews. The students opting for MBBS Program will be tested based on their aptitude and performance, then register with the respective college authority.
MBBS in Nepal- Admission Process For Indian Students

MBBS in Nepal Study Program

Although the course structure is similar to India, below are the MBBS in Nepal divisions you will receive in Nepal.

Syllabus & Internship

  • The 4.5 years MBBS degree program in all the preclinical subjects and selected clinical subjects.

  • The 4.5 years MBBS in Nepal course is separated into 9 semesters of 6 months each. Upon completion of the course, students will experience a 1-year mandatory internship. The medium of teaching is English.

  • One year of a rotating internship is mandatory after completing MBBS from Nepal.


  • For Pre-clinical years- Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology & Physiology

  • For Clinical Years- Forensic Medicine, Community Medicine, Ophthalmology (EYE), Otorhinolaryngology (ENT), Medicine & Allied Subjects (Psychiatry, Dermatology, Radiology, Emergency Medicine & more)

  • In the Third year- MBBS in Nepal examinations are in Medicine and Allied Subjects, Surgery Based on & Allied Subjects, Obstetrics & Gynaecology & Paediatrics.

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Facilities For Indian Students Studying MBBS in Nepal

From hospitality to accommodation, Nepal offers great facilities. MBBS in Nepal provides adequate setups for international students. Starting with:

College Hostel

  • There are a great number of hostels accessible for students studying MBBS in Nepal, most of which are joined by the campuses. It is the primary concern for parents sending their kids aways for education. Each hostel here is properly infused with essential amenities & a 24/7 wireless connection.
  • The MBBS in Nepal program provides complete security to students living there.
Nepal medical college hostel

Canteen Food

  • Did you know the staple food of Nepal is Dal-Bhat? Yes, India and Nepal’s food habits are somewhat alike, though each nation has its own traditional cuisine.
  • Both veg and non-veg are available every day, if not for three courses, students studying MBBS in Nepal can have at least one non-veg meal in a day.
  • Indian snacks are hugely popular among students studying MBBS in Nepal. Indian students will have no shortage of munching on them.
Nepal medical college food


  • The nation is dominated by mountains. Hence, transportation in Nepal is a little difficult and expensive.
  • To travel within the country and overseas, Aviation is the only possible way. Nepal has a total of 47 airports that are active brick runways.
  • Minibusses are the most used vehicle to travel around cities.
  • It takes approx 3hr 60mnts to reach Nepal from Kolkata via airplane.
  • Students studying MBBS in Nepal travel by train as well. The 69-km Jaynagar-Janakpur-Bardibas railway was introduced with support from the Indian government
Transport in Nepal

Economic Stability of Nepal

  • The economy of Nepal is primarily dependent on agriculture and remittances.
  • GDP is heavily hanging on remittances of foreign laborers.
  • The Cost of Living in Nepal is comparatively lower than in other countries but not trivial.
  • Improvement has been made in influencing Nepal’s natural resources through tourism, and hydroelectricity.
  • India is the biggest trading partner of Nepal. Total bilateral trade in 2018-19 attained INR 57,858 Cr.
  • 58 percent of all imports of Nepal are from India.
Economic Stability of Nepal

Hospital & Patients Management System in Nepal

  • Like most hospitals in India, MBBS colleges in Nepal have a hospital attached to them.
  • OPD or Out Patient Department is generally open from Sundays to Thursdays (Full time) and on Fridays (half day) in most hospitals.
  • In clinical management, there are a total of 7 sections open for patients. Such as OPD, Emergency Service, Pharmacy, Clinical Laboratory, Nursing/inpatient Services, Maternity Services, Dressing and Injections, Routine Procedures, Surgical Services, Anesthesia Services, Diagnostic Services, Specialized Services.
  • Health care services in Nepal are empowered by both public and private sectors
Hospital & Patients Management System in Nepal

Top Medical Colleges in Nepal

Name Of The University Recognition 5 Years Tuition Fees
KIST Medical College Tribhuvan University 47-57 Lakh
National Medical College Tribhuvan University 62-67 Lakh
Devdaha Medical College Kathmandu University 52-57 Lakh
Nepalganj Medical College Kathmandu University 57-62 Lakh
Chitwan Medical College Tribhuvan University 52-62 Lakh
Birat Medical College & Teaching Hospital Kathmandu University 52-62 Lakh
Manipal College & Medical Science Kathmandu University 57-67 Lakh
Lumbini Medical College & Research Center Kathmandu University 52-62 Lakh
B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences 42-52 Lakh
Institute of Medicine Tribhuvan University 42-52 Lakh
Nobel Medical College Kathmandu University 52-62 Lakh
Gandaki Medical College Tribhuvan University 52-62 Lakh
Janaki Medical College Tribhuvan University 47-57 Lakh
Kathmandu Medical College Kathmandu University 52-62 Lakh
Nepal Medical College Kathmandu University 52-62 Lakh
Universal College of Medical Science Tribhuvan University 57-67 Lakh
Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences Kathmandu University 47-57 Lakh
Kathmandu National Medical College Kathmandu University 47-57 Lakh

Most Asked Questions About MBBS in Nepal

The minimum age limit of the candidate is 17years and above to study medicine in Nepal

Yes, from easy and accessible transportation to climate, cuisine availability, accommodation, Nepal is the best suitable place for Indian students to study MBBS in Nepal.

Yes, to work as a medical practitioner in India, all the MBBS in Nepal graduates are required to take the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) test conducted by MCI.


Yes, Indian students don’t require a Visa/Passport to study MBBS in Nepal. The same is applicable for parents visiting their kids in Nepal

Yes, as per the 2021 NMC circulation, each student needs to appear for the entrance test to get admission into colleges in Nepal.

Most Asked Questions About MBBS in Nepal

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