Chaitali Sengupta

Chief Executive Officer, Aspiring Life

FROM THE DIRECTOR DESK: Age is just a number and the passion for hard work, the hunger to be successful, the professionalism doesn’t come only from GREY HAIR. The meaning, vision of SUCCESS differs from person to person & industry to industry. But FOR ME success CAN ONLY BE ATTESTED only with hard work, efficiency, ability to refrain from unethical deeds and worshipping the work you do. Like Education & Knowledge, SUCCESS too is never ending. To attain a permanent place in a Service Industry that too dealing with EDUCATION SECTOR is a very challenging role & I with my TEAM is very concerned to win the challenge. I don’t believe in being number ” 1″ neither rat race nor catfights are the accessories of my company. Here my only motto is to serve for the aspiring students in fields like MBBS, ENGINEERING, HOTEL MANAGEMENT, FASHION, SKILL DEVELOPMENT & many more….

In these spans of few years, ALCPL has attained quite a place among the countries we work for & the place where we work from. This is possible because of our hard work, experience & professionalism & overall most importantly OUR STRONG ETHICS.

As a CEO of the company, I am never destined or ever desired to operate or run this consultancy sitting 24 hrs X 365 days in an air-conditioned room. As every one of us is equally responsible for shaping a better professional career for all of our aspiring candidates in different fields. ALCPL is not an AGENCY it’s a CONSULTANCY & hence our work is not restricted rather its never ending.

Aspiring Life is a route map to reach the professional course destination of budding aspiring souls. We are here to guide & choose a career that suits the student & the student made for that career. We at ALCPL have a panel of departments comprising of professional, experienced, efficient counsellors, administrative staff, marketing executives, finance & accounts department & a strong bunch of channel partners all over India.

I proudly say “ My Kitty is Full “ it means not financial profitability it rather means the contacts earned, the relationship built and all the encouragement & blessings received from all over is the strong motivation and reason for us to grow in this industry.

Aspiring Life is a part of Aspiring Inn.

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