MBBS in Bangladesh-MH Samorita Medical College

MH Samorita Medical College, Bangladesh - About The College

MH Semorita medical College is one of the best medical colleges in Bangladesh. The college was established in 2010 and is located in the city Dhaka. The college is affiliated with Dhaka University. It has become an attraction point for the students that are aspiring for medical studies. It also attracts foreign students in large numbers every year. The college is dedicated to the medical students in educating them in modern medical courses in various specialties such as intensive treatment and practical knowledge of the operation.

The college offers the 5 years of MBBS Course to the aspirants. The college is mainly known for its Dental Medical Education that is offered at an affordable price. The teaching hospital can accommodate nearly 500 patients at a time and is known for delivering General and Specialized services.

MH Samorita Medical College, Bangladesh - About The College

Key Features of the MH Samorita Medical College


The college is recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India), WHO (World Health Organization), and WDOMS (World Directors Of Medical Schools).


There is a disciplined and peaceful atmosphere in the college.


Fully air-conditioned library is there with a vast collection of books


The college contains adequate Lecture Galleries and well-equipped laboratories.


The medium of studying at MH Samorita Medical College is in English Language.

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Infrastructure & Campus

There is a large and beautiful campus provided by the MH Samorita Medical College to the students. This leads to the development in students’ standard of living and standard of studying. The beautiful terrain provides a pollution-free environment to the students keeping them healthy. There are an academic building, students hostels, staff quarters, and much more. There are super-specialized laboratories in the campus and also contains large lecture halls, an auditorium, and a well-equipped museum.

The campus is connected with all the essential facilities such as ATMs, Railway Station, and Airport in between the distance of about 5-10 kilometers that makes it easy for the students to avail these facilities.

MH Samorita Medical College, Bangladesh - About The College

College Classroom

MH Samorita Medical College classroom is a traditional lecture style teaching space that has available technological equipment which will be wont to aid and enhance instruction of a course. The smart classroom is provided with the essential techniques which will enable to attach a laptop to the projector.

Features a sensible podium with a slightly panel system, PC and laptop connection, document camera, DVD/VCR Player, projector, and screen and even have an overhead transparency projector.

Hospital Infrastructure

The MH Samorita Medical College Hospital is serving all the sections of people by providing them essential and specialized medical care. The total number of beds is more than 500. The hospital has equipped with the latest technology and equipment that makes it different from others.

The doctors and the nurses working over there are highly skilled and experienced. The hospital has equipped with modern tools and excellent infrastructure and institutional facilities.

The techniques that are being used by the doctors of MH Samorita Medical College Hospital is ensuring the best services for a long time. The hospital provides various facilities such as Anesthesiology, Sonography, CT Scan, Radiology, Microbiology X-Ray, and Biochemical

College Library

For enriching the knowledge and developing the standard of learning the MH Samorita Medical College has equipped a Central Library is the storehouse of information.

They have computers for students’ use and faculty members. They also provide a free Internet connection for increasing the students’ interest in learning.

MH Samorita Medical College Library

Hostel & Canteen

Hostel :The hostel facility is also provided by the MH Samorita Medical College for the convenience of students. There is an adequate number of beds there. There are separated hostels for boys and girls. The hostels also have essential facilities such as dining rooms and common rooms.The students are strictly asked to maintain the proper cleanliness in their rooms. There is a complete safety for the students as they are in CCTV Surveillance 24*7.

Canteen: The college has a large cafeteria in the academic building. It provides all the essential balanced nutritious food for the students.  Indian food is also available in the college that makes Indian students more comfortable in Bangladesh. The food that is provided by the college is highly nutritious and hygienic.

MH Samorita Medical College Hostel

Fees Structure Of MH Samorita Medical College (2019-20 Session)

1 At the Time Of Admission 14000 USD Rs. 9,80,000
2 June 2020 6000 USD Rs. 4,20,000
3 January 2022 6000 USD Rs. 4,20,000
4 January 2023 6000 USD Rs. 4,20,000
5 January 2024 6000 USD Rs. 4,20,000
Total Fees in 5 Years 38000 USD Rs. 26,60,000
Note : 1 USD = Rs. 70/-

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