Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital, About The College

Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital (JIMCH) is a renowned institution in Bangladesh that excels in providing quality medical education and healthcare services. With a commitment to excellence, JIMCH has established itself as a premier institution, attracting aspiring medical professionals and patients alike. This article will explore the key features and contributions of JIMCH, highlighting its academic programs, infrastructure, faculty, and commitment to serving the community.

Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital stands as a beacon of excellence in medical education and healthcare provision. With its emphasis on academic excellence, state-of-the-art infrastructure, dedicated faculty, and commitment to community service, JIMCH continues to shape competent healthcare professionals and provide exemplary patient care. As it moves forward, JIMCH will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in advancing medical science and improving healthcare outcomes in Bangladesh and beyond.

Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital encourages research and innovation among its faculty and students to contribute to the advancement of medical science. The institution supports research projects, organizes scientific conferences, and publishes research findings in reputable medical journals. This commitment to research not only enhances the academic environment but also contributes to the overall improvement of healthcare services provided by the hospital.

Key Features of the Dhaka National Medical College


Jahurul Islam Medical College is one of the top private colleges of Bangladesh.


At present, more than 100 international students are competing their MBBS Program studies at this college.


JIMCH history started in 1989 but the foundation stone was laid in 1989.


The JIMCH Hospital has almost 750 in-patient beds


It is recognized by BMDC ,NMC, USMLE, and many other medical councils of the world


The world ranking of this college is 14367 that indicates that Jahurul Islam Medical College is one of the best colleges for MBBS course in the world.


The college stands at 81st rank in list of the colleges in Bangladesh.

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Infrastructure & Campus

JIMCH is located in Bhagalpur, Bajitpur, Kishoreganj, Bangladesh. The campus is spread over a vast area, providing ample space for academic facilities, hospital buildings, residential areas, and recreational spaces. The well-designed campus offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere that is conducive to learning and healing.

The infrastructure and campus of Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital (JIMCH) are designed to provide a conducive environment for learning, research, and the delivery of healthcare services. Here are the key features of the infrastructure and campus:

College Classroom

The classrooms are spacious, allowing students to move around comfortably and ensuring adequate seating capacity for all students. The ample space promotes an open and conducive atmosphere for learning and interaction among students and faculty members.

The classrooms at JIMCH are equipped with modern teaching aids and audio-visual equipment. This includes multimedia projectors, screens, and sound systems, enabling effective presentations, lectures, and discussions. 

Hospital Infrastructure

The hospital building is well-designed and equipped to accommodate various medical departments and specialties & 750+ Bedded hospital. It has multiple floors and sections dedicated to different healthcare services, including outpatient departments, inpatient wards, operation theaters, intensive care units (ICUs), emergency departments, diagnostic centers, and specialized units. The hospital facilities are designed to ensure efficient patient flow, ease of access, and optimal utilization of resources.

College Library

The college library at Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital (JIMCH) is a valuable resource center that supports the academic and research needs of students, faculty members, and researchers. Here are the key features of the college library at JIMCH.

The library provides a quiet and conducive environment for students to study, conduct research, and engage in self-directed learning.

Hostel & Canteen

Hostel : JIMCH offers separate hostel facilities for male and female students. This ensures privacy and a safe living environment for all students.

The hostel rooms are well-maintained and designed to provide a comfortable living space for students. The rooms are furnished with beds, study tables, chairs, and storage units.

Canteen: The canteen offers a variety of food options to suit different tastes and preferences. India food is available in canteen.

Fees Structure Of Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital

At the Time Of Admission 19400 USD Rs. 15,52,000
2nd-5th Year (5400 USD X 4) 21600 USD Rs. 17,28,000
Total Fees in 5 Years 41000 USD Rs. 32,80,000
Note : 1 USD = Rs. 80/-

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